Monday, December 11, 2017

CFF Chirstmas party 2017!!!

'Tis the holiday season! That means the CFF's Christmas party is this month.  The party will be Wednesday the 20th at the Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center.  Directions HERE to the Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center
 The 4-H Center is just north of our old meeting place at the aquarium.
We'll have a potluck dinner, so feel free to bring something to share!  The Club will provide an entree and drinks.  We'll be screening a slideshow of 2017 fishing highlights from club members (and hopefully doing some serious bragging!). We'll also have a $10 fishing related gift exchange.  The gift exchange will be anonymous, so don't write your name on it! (and you don't need to participate if you don't want).

If you would like to share some fly fishing pictures, send a few to Larry at

Don't forget about our December  fly of the month. This month, Cowen's Mullet.  Originally tied for inshore saltwater predators, but catches bass and pike just fine!  Check our Fly of the Month page for details on the fly, and bring your best rendition to the meeting!
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