Fly of the Month

These are the fly patterns our members have chosen for our "Fly of The Month" fly tying contest.  

Please send a photo of your fly to  We will vote on them via online survey and announce the results at the club meeting!

To see original fly patterns developed by CFF members, be sure to check out  Member Flies  

For the 2022 Fly of the Month List Click Here!

May is Lefty's Deceiver Fly

Credit to The English Fly-Fishing Shop

Thread: 3/0 uni or 140 Ultra Thread
Tail: White Saddle Hackle
Flash:  Crystal Flash any color
Hook: Streamer hook sz #2 - #4/0
Body: Silver or Pearl Braid
Underwing: White Bucktail
Wing: Chartreuse Bucktail
Eyes:  Optional
Head: UV Resin built up over the eyes