Fly of the Month

These are the fly patterns our members have chosen for our "Fly of The Month" fly tying contest.  

Bring your fly to the club meetings and we will vote on them.

To see original fly patterns developed by CFF members, be sure to check out  Member Flies  

For the 2023 Fly of the Month List Click Here!

October is the Orange Stimulator

Photo Credit by Tammy Goodwater

Recipe/List materials


  • Hook: Mustad C53S #6

  • Thread: GSP 100 Diener

  • Tail: Deer Hair Natural

  • Rib: Fine Copper Wire

  • Body: Orange Floss and Badger color Saddle Hackle

  • Wing: Deer Hair Natural

  • Under Wing: Orange Dubbing

  • Collar: 1 Black and 1 Brown Saddle Hackle Feathers

Tying Instructions by The Feather Bender