Nebraska Fish Species Contest

Nebraska Fish Species Contest!

This is an ongoing contest to see how many fish you can catch on a fly in Nebraska.   We have selected 18 fish species found in our state.  These can be caught in any order.

To enter a fish, you need to submit a picture of the fish (and preferable with the angler!) to

Pictures of entries may also be posted in the tippet, on this website, our Facebook page and Instagram.

Also, Check out the Photo Gallery for new pictures as they come in!

This is the Leaderboard for 2021 

The awards are as follows:   

Gold Award if you catch all 18 species.
Silver Award if you catch 13 species.
Bronze Award if you catch 8 species.

The 18 fish species are:
  1. Bluegill
  2. Redear Sunfish
  3. Rock Bass
  4. Crappie(Black or White)
  5. Largemouth Bass
  6. Smallmouth Bass
  7. White Bass
  8. Hybrid Striped Bass (aka Wiper)
  9. Rainbow Trout
  10. Brown Trout
  11. Brook Trout
  12. Cutthroat Trout
  13. Common Carp
  14. Grass Carp
  15. Any Gar (Shortnose, Longnose)
  16. Any Catfish (Channel, Bullhead, Flathead, Blue)
  17. Goldeye/Mooneye
  18. Any Northern Pike, Musky or Hybrid

Contest Rules:
  • Fish must be caught on an artificial fly and fly rod or Tenkara rod.
  • Fish must be caught Feb 1, 2021 through November 30, 2021
  • Fish must be caught inside the State of Nebraska
  • Fish may be caught from shore or any watercraft
  • Participants must submit a clear photo of each fish (and preferably, but not required, with the angler) for identification.  
  • Photos must be received no later than the end of the day December 1, 2021
  • All fishing regulation and license requirements must be followed.
  • All decisions of the CFF Executive Board on acceptance or denial of an entry are final.

Good Luck!