Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Club Meeting tonight at 7pm!

 Join us tonight for our club meeting tonight at Schramm Park Education Center @ 7pm sharp!

Eric Einspahr will be talking all about catching trout in our cold-water streams across Nebraska!

Along with that we will be holding our 2023 board elections and have a raffle as well with lots of great stuff! See you there!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2022


November is the Yellow Humpy

Photo Credit to Jeremy Clark

Hook:1x Long dry fly hook Sz #16
Thread: 70 Denier yellow
Tail:  Moose Body or Elk hair
Body: 30 UNI-stretch yellow 
Wing: Deer Hair
Thorax: Brown and Grizzly Hackle

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Cathy is the first person to catch all 
27 fish species on the list this year!!

Nice Job!

 The fly of the month for

August is Dostal's Carp Kale

Bring your fly to the club meeting on August 17th 
and we will vote in person!!

Photo credit Larry Dostal

Hook: Size 4-8 Saltwater Live Bait style hook or Glo-Bug style hook (Tiemco 105)
Thread: Olive 140 Denier UTC
Body: Olive Rabbit Strip (without leather/applied with dubbing loop)
Wing: 1 inch strip of green craft foam (helps track the fly in moving water)
**Special Equipment** A standard 2" Binder Clip (potato chip bag clip will work also)

Monday, July 4, 2022

 2022 Cornhusker Carpfest is Alive!!

We are sponsoring this awesome event hosted by Larry Dostal!  

All the Details are here!!

Thursday, June 16, 2022

  July's fly of the month is

                 John Montana's Hybrid Carp Fly

Send in your photo submission by July 17th to

 We will vote via online survey and announce the winner 
at our club meeting 
July 20th - 7pm at Schramm Education Building

Hook: Eagle Claw Octopus style #8-#10
Thread: 70 Denier Rusty Brown
Eyes:  Small black brass eyes
Tail:  Ultra chenille, standard wine
Body: Peacock chenille
Hackle: Pheasant rump, yellow

Thursday, April 21, 2022

 May's  fly of the month 
is Lefty's Deceiver

Send in your photo submission by May 15th to

We will vote via online survey and announce the winner 
at the May 18th club meeting.

Credit to The English Fly-Fishing Shop

Thread: 3/0 uni or 140 Ultra Thread
Tail: White Saddle Hackle
Flash:  Crystal Flash any color
Hook: Streamer hook sz #2 - #4/0
Body: Silver or Pearl Braid
Underwing: White Bucktail
Wing: Chartreuse Bucktail
Eyes:  Optional
Head: UV Resin built up over the eyes