2023 Carpapalooza

Carpapalooza 2023

July 8th, 2023

The casual carp competition that was Cornhusker Carpfest is now Carpapalooza!  Now we have Carpapalooza and the Cornhusker Fly Fishers Carpfest! 

TWO carp celebrations in the same month!

The idea is the same as previous years, getting people from across the Nebraksa, the midwest, and across the country together to celebrate carp!  All for fun and promoting how fun fishing for carp can be! Also maybe win a prize or two!

Carpapalooza is a fly fishing contest for what else... CARP!!!  Not only is this a chance to show off your fly fishing skills and meet fellow anglers, but this contest is also a great way to support the carp-on-the-fly community here in the heartland!
Cornhusker Carpapalooza will be a virtual format!

Contact Contest Organizer Larry Dostal at - creekychub@gmail.com or instagram.com/larrydostal

Carpapalooza 2023 Rules

• 1-Day contest this year. Saturday July 8th.
• 6am until 9pm the time zone you begin your day in.
• This is a catch, photo, & release contest (CPR).
• A Digital Camera or Camera Phone is required.
• $25 Entry – Fish any public water USA – Contact Larry to sign up (creekychub@gmail.com)
• Entry includes T-Shirt this year! With “The Carpation of Adam” artwork!!!
• Participants are required to follow all of the local/applicable laws and regulations.
• Fly fishing only.

• PUBLIC WATER ONLY – NO PRIVATE PONDS/LAKES, GOLF COURSE PONDS or PRIVATE RIVER ACCESS Must be a fishing spot anyone from the public can access.

• Absolutely NO: pre-baiting, chumming, snagging, foul hooking, or adding scent to flies.
Any evidence of these will lead to disqualification of angler/team, and you will be forever
publicly shunned.
• Only Common Carp and Grass Carp count this year!!! (no goldfish, buffalo, or sucker
species). Koi and Mirrors are just fancy common carp... so they count!

  • SOLO or TEAM divisions - 3 longest fish grand prize.
  • SOLO PARTICIPANTS - No limit to the amount of carp you can catch, only the three biggest carp will count towards the grand prize for the solo angler. That is, an angler’s
  • 3 longest carp measurements & pictures will win 1st place in the solo angler category.
  • TEAM PARTICIPANTS - May be 2 or 3 anglers. Team members must be designated prior to start of the tournament. Rad team name encouraged. Team anglers must fish together the duration of the tournament. 1st place in the team category goes to the most carp landed by the team.
-Carp will be measured to the nearest 1/2 inch. 
Bump boards preferred, but tape measures will be accepted. Carp lengths are for biggest/smallest/biggest 3-fish limit (solo / team grand prize). Picture of measurement process not required, JUST BE HONEST. Also helpful to timestamp your carp catch for future reference.
• Additional prizes will be awarded for: smallest carp, biggest carp, most carp caught, ugliest
carp, and several bonus prizes TBD. (These will be up for grabs for all Cornhusker
Carpapalooza 2023 participants. They are recognizing and individual angler’s achievement
whether they’re solo or on a team).

• A Cornhusker Carpapalooza "pass-code" will be distributed Friday night July 7th by 9pm.
This code must be present in photographs to count for the tournament. All carp caught
during the tournament require a photo with the passcode to be considered a valid entry.
Write on a piece of paper, a sign, a T-shirt, or your hand and make plainly visible for ALL
photographs. Submit the time of catch and carp length measurements in the subject or
body of the text/email/DM of the photo. Photos can be submitted anytime during the

• "Weigh in" will be 9pm on Saturday the 8th - SHARP – All Photo’s must be submitted by
9pm to Larry Dostal at creekychub@gmail.com or Text Message or Instagram DM to Larry
(@larrydostal) or they will not be counted.

• "Weigh in" will consist of the Carpapalooza judge inspecting the photographs and adding
up carp lengths. The Carpapalooza judge reserves right to approve all photographs and
has final say on all contest judgments. In the event of a tie, a proprietary algorithm will be
utilized to determine the winner.

• Winners will be announced by 9 pm on Sunday July 9th.

• This is a casual carp appreciation contest designed to get us fellow carp anglers together
across the country. There are many ways to win a prize, so aim for a prize you can reach on
your local waters.

• Respect the fish, stay safe, stay hydrated, and have a great time!!!

How to measure your carp...Just make sure your "token" is in the picture during the tournament. 
Measure to the tip of the tail. 17 1/2 inches exactly
You'll receive the tournament "CODE" Friday night  Make sure to include it in your photos during the tournament or the fish wont count!  You can submit more than 1 picture of a fish, and add a hero shot / grip and grin or two.

Follow Larry Dostal on Instagram, to stay up to date on the latest tournament news.  If you have a question about the Carpapalooza,  message Larry on Instagram or drop Larry an email at creekychub@gmail.com.