2021 Bass Competition

 2021 Cornhusker Fly Fishers 

Largest Bass Contest!!


Hello everyone! Here are the details of the 2021 largest large/smallmouth bass contest!


Members need to register by emailing cornhuskerflyfishers@gmail.com. We need your name, phone, and email.


To enter a fish, take a picture of it with a measuring device (tape, bump board, etc) and the control item (a code sent out Friday night and written on something in the picture) to the club email account. Details below…


You can fish at any Nebraska body of water with anyone you choose. Boat or shore fishing are both acceptable. Fishing this year is from sun up Saturday to sundown Sunday.



-Fishing hours are sunup Saturday June 19th through sundown on Sunday June 20th.

-Picture of your largest large/smallmouth bass must be submitted to cornhuskerflyfishers@gmail.com by midnight Sunday June 20th/Monday June 21st.

-You can submit multiple fish and upgrade your bass throughout the weekend.

-Fish must be taken on a fly rod and fly.

-One picture of the fish with a measuring device with half inch marks must be submitted. Tape measures and bump boards are both acceptable. The control item (code word on written on something in the picture) must be in the picture with the fish and measuring device as well.

-A picture of the angler with the fish is also preferred.

-The control item will be a piece of paper with a code written on it. I will email that to all contestants Friday night.


Final determination of lengths will be to the nearest ½”. Larry and Eric will make all final determinations on length for scoring purposes.


Make sure to take good pictures so we can accurately read the length. Tips for good pictures include:

-Make sure the picture is taken with the fish lying on a flat surface and from directly above.

-Mouth of the fish closed.

-Measure device visible as much as possible.

-Measuring device should be flat, and not laid across the top of the fish

Good luck, and register by replying soon!


Eric Einspahr, Larry Dostal, and Tammy Goodwater


Examples of measured fish pictures...


Minimally acceptable, but not preferred: