Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Agnes Adams One Fly Bluegill Contest This Saturday

This Saturday (May 21st) CFF will be having its annual Agnes Adams One Fly Bluegill Contest at Burchard Lake.  Click HERE for directions.

We'll have lunch at 11:30 at the picnic shelter. CFF will be providing PULLED PORK SANDWICHES!!! so please bring a side or dessert to share! (and a comfortable chair to sit) 

Contest Rules:

  • Check in for the contest will be from 12:00 - 1:30 with the contest official
  • You can sign up with a partner (a witness) or the official will assign you one
  • This is a ONE FLY contest.  You can tie on one fly, and one fly only.  The fly you choose is the only fly you can use for the duration of the contest.  You may re-tie the fly, but if the fly snags or breaks off, you're done.  NO REPLACEMENT FLIES.
  • The contestant that catches the highest number of bluegill wins. (pure-bread Bluegill only).
  • This is a quantity, not quality contest. 
  • The Contest begins at 2:00 with the sound of a horn.
  • The horn will sound at 3:50 noting 10 minutes left in the contest.
  • The final horn will sound at 4:00 ending the contest.
  • The contestant's counts will be collaborated with the witness and the contest official,
  • Boats, canoes, float tubes are all allowed. 
  • The winner has their name engraved on the Traveling Plaque to live on in glory!!! 
This is all in good fun and we hope to see you all there!!!