Thursday, June 11, 2020

June Club Events

      Thursday June 11th we will have a Live Stream on the club’s Facebook account about tying flies for Largemouth Bass.  Join Eric Einspahr and Larry Dostal at 7pm. (no Facebook account required, just follow the link HERE)

Wednesday June 17th the Club will have a social distancing FISH OUT at Louisville State Park in Louisville, Nebraska.  Social distancing means maintaining a minimum one fly rod’s length from other people at all times.  There will not be a picnic or pot luck, you’re responsible for your own food and beverages.  The club will officially be there from 6 to 8pm, but feel free to show up earlier or stay late.  Please keep an eye on your email or our website for updates and possible cancellations. 

Thursday June 18th we will have a Live Stream on the club’s Facebook account about everything Largemouth Bass Fishing with a Fly Rod.  Join Eric & Larry at 7pm with a SPECIAL GUEST. (no Facebook account required, just follow the link HERE).

Saturday June 20th we’re kicking off our “Largest Largemouth” virtual contest!  The longest largemouth bass caught on the fly wins with contest and will receive a new 8 weight rod and a trophy from the Cornhusker Fly Fishers.  Rules are simple:  Fly fishing only, from 5am to 5pm, measure the bass to the nearest quarter inch, take a photo of the largemouth, and send your picture of your biggest bass to the club’s email account by 5:30 pm on Saturday evening.  To register: Send an email to our club’s account, or send message on Facebook, or Instagram to register.  Late Friday evening, you will be provided a unique code word to include in your photo during the contest.  THE CODE MUST BE VISIBLE TO BE ELIGIBLE IN YOUR BASS PHOTO TO COUNT FOR THE CONTEST.  Write the code on a piece of paper, or your hand, and make it visible in your photo. Eric Einspahr and Larry Dostal will view the results and announce a winner by 6pm on Saturday.  We’ll have a Facebook and Instagram live stream from president Larry Dostal and president elect Eric Einspahr at various bodies of water, reporting updates LIVE during the throughout the day.  Check your email and our website for additional details and updates.   Good luck everyone!