Friday, May 5, 2023

 Fly of the Month

May is the Marabou Damsel Fly

There is something about a simple yet elegant fly that I just love, and the Marabou Damsel fits that bill. It also helps that this fly can absolutely crush it on the water. When the lakes warm up and the damselflies are swimming to shore to molt, you need to have an imitation in your box. This fly is a quick tie, so you can whip out a bunch of them in different sizes and colors, and you won’t be to upset when one breaks off in the jaws of a monster trout or bass!

Bring your fly to the club meeting on May 17th to be voted on!

Photo Credit by Tammy Goodwater

Recipe/List materials

  • Hook: Tiemco 200R #10

  • Tail and Body: Golden Olive Blood Marabou

  • Rib: Brassie Copper Color


Tying Instructions by Rocky Mountain Fly Design